Friday 25 May 2018

Today You're 4

So many people that have had children say time speeds up on their arrival and I never believed it but looking at you today I know how true that is. 

Today you are 4. 

Birthday cupcake with a sparkler in the centre

You are funny. You are happy. You are creative. You are cheeky. You are a wonderful little boy. You are our son. 

It is amazing to see so much of us in you. You love Disney like Mummy. You love cars like Daddy. You love to dance and be silly like both of us. You roll your eyes like Mummy. You like rock music like Daddy. You love superheroes like both of us, and you're very fond of Paw Patrol, but that's all you! You like food a lot! You're a bit crazy.

Little boy dressed like Spider-Man, whilst also wearing a baseball cap

You are our world. 

The next year will see us have lots of adventures in our little caravan, having fun with family and friends and trips to the seaside, all of which you love doing. 

In September you will face your biggest adventure to date as you start school. How is it time for you to start school already??!!! Mummy will be very emotional on that day, OK probably for a week or so, but I hope it will be a great adventure for you.

It took us 6 long years to have you and you were truly worth the wait.  The last four years really have gone quicker than any others.

We love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond.

A little boy giving Buzz Lightyear a high-five

Your Mummy Snowy Owl

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