Wednesday 9 May 2018

Lighting Your Home

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Lighting can easily be forgotten about when doing home improvements. An old strip light here. A wonky lamp there. It can often become the unsightly factor of your home.

A wonky light next to some old books and jugs

Unless it’s a stunning stain glass window bringing in a colourful blast of natural light or a beautiful chandelier, lighting is rarely a vocal point. This is probably why it easily becomes a second thought.

It really shouldn’t be though! Lighting brings warmth and, obviously, light to your home! The right lighting can make a house a home. A bright place to study and entertain or a cosy place to read and snuggle.

A person reading with a blanket and book on their lap

There are lots of factors to take into consideration when it comes to choosing lighting. First consider the type of lighting you want or need. Is it a ceiling or wall light, or both? 

Maybe it’s a table lamp or a tall lamp. Look around and see what would suit your room. At that point you can move forward and think about style and there are so many too! Modern, rustic, upcycled, concept, to name just a few, can bring an essence of uniqueness to your home. If all of this is a little overwhelming you could also consider working with a Lighting Designer.

Many high street home stores will have a lighting assistant in store but for something a little different,and if your budget allows, you could visit a lighting studio or a designer with their own design light shop.

Places like Studio Arntzen specialise in concept development and spatial design. Run by Dutch designer Paula Arntzen, the studio creates unique and dynamic designs from concept to final production.

Hand crafted light fitting

Following High School Paula studied Traditional Furniture Making at the HMC in the Netherlands where she developed her technical knowledge and crafts skills as a furniture maker. She then went on to study Product Design at the ArtEZ Academy of Art, which cemented her passion and future career as a Product Designer.

On graduating in 2009, Arntzen established her design studio, Studio Arntzen, where she began to focus on light installations for public spaces, realising that installations appealed to a wide range of clients in the Netherlands and internationally. After four years she decided to complete a Masters of Arts in Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London from which she graduated in 2015. Her work has become known internationally and she has worked collaboratively on several international workshops and projects.

Creating designs for the home and business, Studio Arntzen creates lighting for unique and differing environments.

A cafe with lights hanging over the tables

Through experimentation with materials and techniques each item is different and beautifully crafted. A range of different materials are used for their lighting products including paper, plastic, foil and glass.

The same goes for the furniture the studio make including a bench made from 100% recycled plastics.

A white and grey marble effect bench in an open space

Arntzen’s craft skills are mixed and used within her designs. Doing in depth research, she pushes the boundaries of design and creates distinctive end products.

So if you’re budget allows and you’re looking for a unique piece of lighting Studio Arntzen maybe the place to go. With her studio growing and her products becoming known internationally it may also be a savvy investment!

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