Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Book of the week!

This week's book of the week is a day or two late as we've been enjoying the festive period! As part of that we've been enjoying a very festive book, Santa is coming to Nottingham.

The story starts with Santa preparing to deliver gifts to Nottingham. Once he's waited for a new, young reindeer to arrive he is on his way but there's trouble ahead when they get lost in a snow storm and the Santa-Nav (I know, hilarious) gets him lost. 

The new reindeer to the team helps them avoid an accident and after they've landed on the Council House roof and once Santa has his bearings, he continues on his journey.

Lots of the local towns and places get a mention and it can make an exciting read to little ones, with places they know featuring. 

The illustrations are large and colourful, making the book ideal to be read to younger children that can't yet read themselves. 

Joseph enjoyed this book but he didn't always pay attention all the way through, especially on Christmas Eve. Granny and Grandpa thoroughly enjoyed it though!    

I picked up our copy at The Works for £4 but they are now in the sale for a bargain price of £2.00. There are various versions to cover different areas, so why not pick up a bargain and save it ready for next year?


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