Thursday 22 December 2016

Christmas Spotters!!

With Christmas just days away I thought I'd do a special spotting activity and obviously it has a festive theme.

A christmas gift wrapped in brown paper, red ribbon and a sprig of fern

Here's what the kids should try and spot for Christmas!

Christmas cards come in all shapes and sizes but can you spot any featuring the following?

- Santa
- Nativity scene
- Elves
- A church

Christmas cards

Out and about
Whether you're in the car or out for a stroll can you see any of these?

- A house decorated with Christmas lights
- A church with a nativity scene on display
- Christmas carolers

Nativity scene

Christmas trees can come in all different colours. Can you spot them in the following colours?

- Green
- White
- Pink
- Black

Indoor Christmas trees with lights

Whats in the shops?
Can you see all of these whilst out shopping?

- Brussesl sprouts
- Turkeys
- Pigs in blankets
- Mince pies
- A gingerbread house

Brussel sprouts

Now lets go Christmas spotting!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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