Thursday 15 December 2016

Gingerbread Men Decorating!

Joseph loves to bake and as its the season of gingerbread I fancied giving them a try. I am, however, completely and utterly rubbish at making gingerbread. I've tried twice and each time was a disaster.

The first time they fell apart as I took them off the baking sheet. The second time I made them as a Boxing Day treat for my nieces and when one of them looked like they were going to break their baby teeth I stopped them from eating them!

But I really wanted to decorate some gingerbread men with Joseph so what was the alternative? Something that didn't include disappointment and broken teeth, so we made these!

Completed gingerbread men laid out

The idea came from spotting these in Tesco.

Box of Tesco Gingerbread

There's five in a pack and you get the icing and sweets too, So if you fancy trying them, here's what you need.
  • A box of the DIY Gingerbread Kit (£1.60 @ Tesco)
  • A plate or chopping board to layout the gingerbread men
  • Bowls or cups for the sweets
  • An airtight contain for any remaining gingerbread men
Gingerbread men laid out on a chopping board with a tube of icing and sweets in bowls

All you have to do is layout the gingerbread men and sweets and encourage them to decorate the little men and not just eat the sweets! Its lots of fun and a nice quiet activity. 

Toddler decorating gingerbread men

Toddler decorating gingerbread men

Toddler decorating gingerbread men

Toddler decorating gingerbread men   Toddler decorating gingerbread men

Let the icing set and you're done.

Decorated gingerbread men

A great little quiet activity at a bargain price!


Mummy Snowy Owl

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