Wednesday 21 December 2016

5 Minute Fun!

Its easy to get bogged down with the hustle and bustle of Christmas and not have the time or energy to sit down and have a quiet moment with your little ones. As the hype continues over the next few days your overexcited offspring may struggle to settle down and do quieter activities. brings super quick fun and educational activities from the makers of CBeebies magazine.  Ideas and activities vary from games to do during the weekly shop to wind downs before bed. From games to make you move to games that make you do maths!

I decided that we should give the dice game a go. Its simple and easy to play. You roll a dice and clap the number it lands on. I soon realised this was going to take some work.

Joseph is quiet a good counter. He can follow the numbers and say the one that comes next. I say one, he says two etc. What I hadn't considered was that he hadn't seen a dice before. Cue excitement and lots of "mine, mine, mine" like a seagull from Finding Nemo, but we persevered and let him keep hold of the dice and got another for rolling. 

Toddler playing with a dice

Dice surrounded by toys

It paid off as he started to join in and found the rolling of the dice and Daddy and I clapping hilarious.

There are so many little activities over on and its an great resource if you struggle with ideas for things to do with your little one. 

Now, if you tend to avoid the magazine aisle because it generates lots of "please, please. please" consider paying it a visit for a change and take a look at the CBeebies magazine. Just like the it is also full of little activities and things to do. Its ideal to have to hand if you're going for appointments, travelling or having what I call chill your beans time! 

Cbeebies Christmas magazine

Inside Cbeebies magazine showing a faces and feelings activity

Snow colouring pages

Inside Cbeebies magazine with details of the 5 minute fun website

Take a look and settle down for 5 minutes of fun.

Mummy Snowy Owl

Item gifted

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