Thursday 8 December 2016

Hello Santa!

Last year Joseph met Santa for the first time. We had planned to go the year previously to mark his first Christmas but I was struck down with various germs and we couldn't go. To make up for the disappointment the following year we discussed going on one of the Santa trains but with our trip to Disneyland Paris just around the corner we realised our pennies just wouldn't stretch that far. So, we finally decided upon a visit to Bluebells at nearby Spondon.

A little boy looking in awe at someone

Prior to our meeting with Santa we had only visited Bluebells once but on reading good things on social media gave it a shot. It went well for a baby's first meeting with Santa and as we are now frequent visitors we decided it was the only place for us this year!

Santa is currently at Bluebells from 11am-1pm and again 1.45pm-3pm. The cost is £6.50, which I think is a little more than last year BUT I assure you its worth it. On payment you are given a raffle ticket type number along with a laminated ticket and when you are next the elf comes to find you. 

Whilst you wait children and parents can busy themselves on the park or looking at the animals. The elf also informed us that there were craft activities in the warm barn but Joseph wanted to go on the slide and wouldn't entertain Mummy with glue and glitter! 

A large grey rabbit
We always pay Arthur the giant rabbit a visit! 
Farm birds around a pond   Daddy and son looking at sheep


By the time we had looked at all the animals, been down the slide a dozen times and tried to convince Joseph you can't ride a goat regardless of the size (seriously though, it was bloody huge), the elf was ready to guide us into the grotto. 

Wooden cabin dressed as santas grotto

After a brief wait sitting on some hay bales and chatting to an elf we made our way into see the big man himself! SANTA!! It is quite possible at this point that I was the most excited! Joseph didn't really know what to say. 

A little boy looking in awe

As always Santa was extremely friendly, asking what Joseph would like for Christmas and giving him a lovely gift of a train set. 

Mummy, Daddy and son looking at Santa  Mummy, Daddy and son talking to Santa

Mummy, Daddy and son talking to Santa

Daddy and son with a gift next to Santa

Now this train set was the exact same one we had wrestled off Joseph whilst we were in a gift shop on holiday, as he already had one identical at Granny's house!! Obviously Santa knew he wanted it!

Bidding Santa farewell we made our way back up to the tea room and warmed up with a lovely lunch including the lovely Bluebells ice cream, which Joseph actually shared with me this time!
Large cup of tea, next to a teapot and a bottle of milk

Little boy eating ice cream

For all the important stuff like parking, baby changing etc, read my previous blog on Bluebells here.

If you're nearby and want to see Santa definitely consider Bluebells. Seeing Santa on a farm makes the whole experience a bit different and, well, unique.

Top tip! Bluebells can get busy quite quickly when Santa is in residence so try and get there before or as close to 11am as you can. Another top tip! If you're looking for a real Christmas tree take a look at their selection. We don't have a real one but I have been very tempted by the trees on offer at Bluebells. They are good quality, thick trees and are reasonably priced.

There's also a sleigh for photos and a tractor to take a ride on!


Enjoy your trips to Santa

Mummy Snowy Owl

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