Thursday 30 August 2018

5 Tips To Prepare Parents For School Life

For us the fun of the school run starts next week but as I recently went self-employed we've got into a bit of a relaxed routine.

Sleeping in later, getting to nursery when we feel like it and faffing around a lot!

We need to be organised and get into a routine! As a family we get a bit lazy and forgetful if we aren't sticking to a plan and schedule, so I'm getting organised ready for commencing the school run next week!

All my other school posts have been about preparing the kids but this post is for preparing us grown-ups! So, here are 5 things you can do to be prepared for school life!

1. Label clothes

Have you been so busy buying uniform and PE kit that you've forgotten the all important labelling? It's not too late! I used a stamp from Stamptastic, which I love but if you've not got time to order one have a look in your local school uniform shops for iron on labels. Many of them offer a service where they'll print your labels whilst you wait. Failing that a simple Sharpie or pen offer a quick fix!

Plimsolls next to a stamp and ink pad

Tuesday 28 August 2018

5 Budget Garden Activities

Entertaining children during the school holidays, or anytime for that matter, can be pricey.

If you're on a budget or simply don't fancy the stress of taking the kids out, I've put together five activities that are cheap and entertaining!

So, standby for some budget fun!!!

1. Bubbles

Lots of bubbles in the air

Sunday 26 August 2018

Return To Wray Castle

Unbelievably it's been over a year since we first visited Wray Castle. On our first visit we were really impressed by how child friendly it was. With it's baby and parent room, Peter Rabbit Adventure and soft play, Wray Castle makes visiting a historic place easy.

But nearly two years on does it still offer a happy kid friendly adventure?

Father and little boy standing in front of a gothic style castle

Friday 24 August 2018

Tips On Moving Overseas With Children

Collaborative Post

Are you planning on moving abroad in the near future?

There are many different reasons why families decide to move overseas. For some families it's for a better life for the children and for some it's a new job. No matter the reason for moving abroad, the whole process has to be done carefully, especially when children are involved.

View over a plane wing showing the edge of a country

Wednesday 22 August 2018

Getting Crafty With Printkick


Here at Mummy Snowy Owl we love crafting. Whether it be for grown-ups or kids, we love to be creative.

Whether it be making something from scratch or a bit of colouring in we try and put some time aside each day to get crafty.

This isn't always easy though and not everyone wants to start making a spaceship out of toilet rolls when they get home from a day at work. If your budget allows though, the easy way around this is to buy kits and sets to help you get creative.

Places like Printkick offer a wide range of colouring kits including backpacks, fridge magnets and books, as well as mini brain teaser games.

I was recently gifted a box full of their goodies! Take a look at what was inside!  This is just a small sample of what Printkick have to offer.

Stationary, games and pens laid out

Monday 20 August 2018

Bug & Bee Home

Some items gifted for competition entry.

Bees and bugs are important to our gardens. Many of us know that bees help us pollinate our flowers and crops and bugs feed the birds and small animals like hedgehogs.

It’s easy to tempt little creatures into your garden. They simply need a warm and welcoming environment!

This easy to do bug and bee home craft involves recycled and natural items, making it even better for the planet!

Completed bug and bee home, 6 cans sprayed and glued together containing sticks, pine cones, string, flowers and grasses