Friday 29 November 2019

Family Christmas Traditions

I never thought I was one for Christmas traditions but looking back it seems I always have been.

When I was little Christmas Eve's were spent with family at my Nanny's (Grandma's) house. Christmas Day was quiet but with the older relatives visiting us and Boxing Day was different again with all of my siblings, their families, a lot of food and even more noise!

As we've all got older though our traditions have changed and we now get together before Christmas and enjoy Christmas Day and Boxing Day in our little units instead. With this in mind I'm always looking for ways of making our Christmas, with just the three of us, extra special and something that our son, JJ, will hopefully look back on fondly.

Here's a few traditions I've started or will be starting with my family, along with a few suggestions from my blogger friends.

Red bell bauble with Merry Christmas on the front hanging on a tree

A tradition we've started as a family is a Christmas movie every weekend on the run up to Christmas. I could tell you these start in December but that would be a lie! Once Halloween is done we start our Christmas movie viewing!! 

Flat lay showing a red blanket, bowl of popcorn, crisps, kinder chocolates, cans of diet coke with Santa on and boxed Elf dvd

Another tradition we started last year and have planned again this year and between Christmas and New Year we'll be heading off to the pantomime. If you're not from the UK and don't know what a panto is have a look at this post here where I gave it a bit of an explanation!

Next, is a tradition Nikki at Christmas Magic does every year and that's to make this Easy Christmas Cake!! Lots of kids love baking so making a Christmas cake together is a great Christmas tradition to start, as is eating it! 

Fruit Christmas cake topped with a holly sprig

Another tradition Nikki at Christmas Magic does every year is visit their local town where the streets go all out with their Christmas decorations and lights. Visitors donate what they can and all the money goes to charity, which is a great way of spreading Christmas cheer over the festive period. 

Over at Two Plus Dogs, Melanie bakes this Chocolate and Nut Cake as part of their Christmas traditions and it's a great alternative to fruit cake!

Chocolate yule log topped with nuts

Another family that make a festive bake is Jo's at A Rose Tinted World. Every year they make this Seasoning Pudding. As a family recipe, it's a lovely family tradition to have.

Seasoning pudding on a chopping board and chopped into slices

Jeanette at AutismMumma and her family's Christmas tradition is to buy a Christmas decoration and to spend Christmas Day in their onesies, which is something I can totally get on board with! 

Single red bauble on a wooden table

A post-Christmas tradition that Erica at The Incidental Parent does each year is also ornament related and they head to their local garden centre and visit the sale section. Each of her children pick a Christmas decoration and Erica writes their name and the year of purchase on the back, with the idea being that when they leave home they will have a selection of Christmas decorations to take with them. I personally think this is so beautiful. Years down the line Erica's children will decorate their own trees with memories of picking those ornaments.

All of these family Christmas traditions, although a little different, have one thing in common. Time. Time spent together. Time baking, watching Christmas movies, looking at Christmas lights and picking out decorations. Time together as a family and surely that's what a good family tradition is all about. Time together at Christmas.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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