Friday 22 November 2019

Top Tips For Leaving Your Kids Home Alone

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Leaving your kids home alone for the first time can be incredibly daunting, both for yourself and for them. Knowing when to leave the young people in your home unsupervised can depend on various circumstances, so it is up to you as the parent to decide if your child is ready and also ensure they are suitably prepared. Read on for some advice from a pre prep school in London.

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Some children are more sensible than others, especially those that are used to spending time away from their parents, maybe at grandparents, friends or organised groups and clubs, but you’ll need to assess whether or not your child is actually ready to be left alone. Can they solve problems confidently? Are they mature enough to look after themselves? If you think your child is sensible enough to be left at home alone, be sure to ask them first if they’re comfortable with it. This will open up any concerns that they may have, which you can help them resolve. For instance, they might be worried about what to do if a stranger knocks on the door or if they'll need to cook their dinner, so you can explain their options.

Try and approach the situation with positivity and confidence in your child. If they see you displaying anxiety, they too will start to worry and it maybe a sign that they don't feel ready. Rather than exploring all of the things that could go wrong, let your child know that you trust them to deal with any challenges in a suitable manner. What’s more, you’ll need to set some ground rules for your child and never leave any risks in plain sight, such as alcohol or medication. Make sure they have your phone number saved, along with the person you're out with in case you don't hear your phone. Also, leave them with at least one more grown up’s number, maybe an aunt, uncle, grandparent or family friend. They need to know that someone will help them if something goes wrong.

Discuss any potential emergencies with your child so that they know what to do in all circumstances. You will also need to teach them how to use all of the appliances correctly, such as the kettle and microwave, and how to switch the power back on in the unlikely event that it trips. The first time you leave them alone, it would be wise to give them a call every now and again to check that everything is going well; this will help ease both of your minds.

Show you have confidence in them when leaving them home alone and they'll have confidence in themselves too.

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