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We love creative play and crafting, and our 5 year old son will sit for hours happily colouring, cutting and sticking. So, when he spots something new and creative he's always up for giving it a try and when the ColourMazing boxes were gifted to us to try, he was excited to get crafty!

Two boxed and one packet ColourMazing set, packaging shows the ink and designs of the characters to colour

Created by leading toy makers, John Adams, ColourMazing is an innovative and new, exciting way to colour in. Using the special ink pens, children can gently colour without worrying about going over the lines. The unique design of the pictures stops the ink running into the other areas. 

Each set comes with a selection of pictures and pens. Once coloured, the pictures can be used as puppets, made into mobiles or fun scenes.

We started with the Jungle Adventure kit and all of us had a go, even Daddy!

Boxed ColourMazing Jungle Adventures set

There's a great selection of animals to colour in and JJ loved that some have holes so you can use them as puppets.

ColourMazing box and pens and colour sheets at the side

Little hands holding cardboard leopard and colouring it in

Trying the travel ColourMazing pack, I was impressed to see it came with two holiday themed prints and the pens came in a little resealable bag. These are ideal for when we are away in our caravan and with JJ so keen to use them, they are great for him to sit and do whilst we get set up and unpacked.

Contents of the ColourMazing packet, including card pictures and ink pens

The Garden Friends set featured bugs and butterflies so he was just as keen to try that one too. When using ColourMazing, I found intially it took him a few minutes to grasp how to use the pens and how much he should squeeze them, but after 5 or 10 minutes he soon got the hang of it.

ColourMazing Garden Friends box

ColourMazing box next to the contents, card pictures and pens

We've had great fun with the ColourMazing sets and we've made some super colourful creations.

Some of the completed designs next to pens

The ColourMazing range is available from Amazon here.

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