Tuesday 5 November 2019

A Clean Family Home ~ Top Tips To Keep On Top Of Mess

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Staying on top of the cleaning in your home when you have the responsibilities of looking after your little ones (and yourself) as well as working or providing for your family can seem pretty much impossible. Turn your back for a couple of seconds and your children can successfully flip a room upside down and leave it unrecognisable amongst clutter, mess and grime. Not only is an untidy house stressful, it also poses several potential risks to your family that might otherwise have been avoided, such as bacteria infections or illnesses from particularly dirty areas, or cuts and bruises from trips and falls. So, if you’d like to know more about how you can have a clean and tidy family home, then read on to uncover some of the best top tips to help you get started today!

Channel Minimalism
Though your house may be full to the rafters with games, toys, clothes, technology and so much more to keep your little ones content, changing your mindset to channel some minimalistic thoughts can help create more of a blank canvas. Less clutter can make keeping your home clean a much easier job. It's hard to let go of a lot of the more personal items as your children grow up, as its almost as if you’re throwing a part of them away!! It can be very hard to part with things and not dwell on the past.

Try to round up a few boxes or bags of items at a time that barely get used and send them to a charity store to be sold,. I find that seeing items go to a good cause can often help me part with them! Alternatively, find a personal storage unit to house all of your belongings if you really can't let go of them. Once you clear some space in your home, it's so much easier to move around and tidy properly, and you'll have fewer things to dust too!

Make It A Family Affair
Many people believe that if your children are old enough to make a mess, then they’re old enough to give a helping hand to tidy up too! There's a good chance that a lot of the mess was initially caused by them, and a simple sweep of the house clearing up toys is a good way to get them started. 

Encourage them with things like reward charts, where they can add a sticker each time they put there toys away, working towards a big end goal to get a reward for their hard work. If you would like them to help you with any actual cleaning rather than tidying, let them try dusting or taking out the rubbish or recycling. Obviously, never allow them to use chemical liquids and always keep them in your sight. Show them exactly what to do and ensure that they have no chance of hurting themselves.

The perfect clean and tidy family home can be yours in no time at all with these top tips!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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