Monday 25 February 2019

Tidy Stuff - Trying To Achieve A Tidy Home

Whether you're kid free and working, managing a brood of little ones as a stay at home parent or doing something between the two, keeping a tidy home can be hard work.

When I was kid free and working full-time I always struggled to stay on top of laundry and ironing. Now, as a parent, it's keeping toys tidy and crumbs off the floor!

Flatlay of cleaning supplies

Before going self-employed in June 2018 I worked part-time and over the week I would try my best to keep things tidy and clean, and often fail miserably. Friday evening and Saturday morning would be our main cleaning time and it always felt like a boring and stressful start to the weekend. 

Things changed when I went self-employed and with working from home I felt I could manage things a little better, or so I thought. With no strict schedule apart from collecting Joseph from school I seemed to be cleaning the same things over and over and missing certain spots or jobs around the house. 

The days got more filled with housekeeping and less with work. As much as I wanted a tidy home, being on top of the washing doesn't pay my bills and I need to create a manageable schedule.

Cleaning and tidying has become really popular on social media, especially over on Instagram and in the autumn I started to follow some of the accounts for inspiration and motivation. 

My favourite are two quite different to each other. One being Gemma over at The Organised Mum, along with her #teamtomm movement, and the other being the queen of cleaning Narnia's, Mrs HinchBoth have helped me create routines that suit me and try products I wouldn't have thought of trying. 

Mrs Hinch has made me more willing to try different products, which has helped me get things that haven't been properly clean for ages to shiny and spotless. My previous method had been if anti-bacterial spray, bleach or Cif doesn't work it can't be cleaned.

Over at The Organised Mum, Gemma has helped me really get to grips with managing the cleaning and having a tidy home. Gemma's method, known as TOMM (The Organised Mum Method), splits your cleaning into manageable parts, with daily jobs of 15 and 30 minutes Monday to Thursday. Friday is a focus day, where you get to grips with certain areas and give them a good sort out. My home has been tidier as a result and our weekends are free to enjoy as a family.

I still seem to have a lot of stuff though. We all do. But I think this is part of the problem for many of us. Everyone has a lot of stuff and as much as we might want a minimalist life, it's not always that practical. Whether it be books, toys, clothes, shoes, bags or paperwork, we need a place to put this stuff to keep our homes tidy. A place to stash things when you have visitors, so you don't look like crazy hoarders (even if you secretly are).

Over the years I've become a fan of little hacks, especially those that help you keep a tidy home, and I've created a couple of my own. So, as I start to declutter a little more and tidy our stuff, I'm going to share some with you. After lots of you loved the Lego cleaning post, I thought I'd start with some storage hacks for those little bricks.

We've all got stuff, it's just a case of knowing where to store it or stash it!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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