Wednesday 13 February 2019

Giving Conception The Best Start With Dr Fertility

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When I first started blogging 7 years ago it was all about our fertility struggle. It was an outlet for my emotions and a diary of our journey into eventual parenthood.

Becoming parents was a long road for us. Hospital referrals, two lap and dyes, endometriosis diagnosis, cauterisation, tube flush, repeated miscarriage and a round of Clomid, finally resulted in us having our wonderful, albeit a little feral and crazy, redheaded boy.

It was an incredibly hard 6 years of trying to conceive and at the time it was very lonely and isolating time, but when I began to be more open, I found others were too. The support of a select few then helped us through the darker days. Opening up the conversation helped both myself and others speak more freely about trying to conceive and the different struggles to do so.

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With everyone around me seeming to get pregnant so easily I had no thought that trying to conceive would be an issue and we were six months into trying before I even considered there could be a problem of any kind.

Although, I may now be full of fertility facts and data, back then I was a little clueless and as a result spent a lot of time online researching cycles, the best days to conceive, what vitamins to take, the best ovulation tests and where to buy them in bulk, what food to eat and what not to. I was obsessed! I lost count of the hours I spent googling things and then searching again because I’d found conflicting info.

Ideally I needed something that held all the important info in one place and that was clear of the facts. In those early days I wasn’t even sure of what day to start my cycle count from or the best days to conceive! We thought it was going to be so simple! To have started with the clear facts would have started us off well and would have helped us be less confused, more proactive and more positive.

Recently I was introduced to Dr Fertility, a website full of information and created for those in all stages of trying to conceive. They agree that the amount of information out there is overwhelming and look to simplify the science into conceiving and becoming a parent.

Their aim is to have all the information you need in one place and that it be evidence-based, trusted and easy to understand.  Dr Fertility want to open up the conversation about fertility and provide a place of emotional support for all of those wanting a child, regardless of who you are and what your situation is.

As part of this they’ve created The Couple’s Guide To Getting Pregnant, a five step guide to help you start your journey into trying to conceive.

The guide includes how to prepare your body for baby making with diet and fitness, vitamins and food supplements and what to avoid. There’s sections on getting cyclesavvy and understanding the best time for baby dancing, along with knowing and understanding the natural signs of your body. There’s also sections on what fertility products you can use and how to keep the whole journey super fun! Importantly, there’s also a section on knowing when to ask for help and an action place to help your journey.

The guide is full of everything you need to get started and is a great source of information. I wish I had it all those years ago! For more information click on the link above or visit the website here.

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