Friday 22 February 2019

Boots Made For Memories

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Having fun means making memories, which often means exploring. We frolic through the trees quite often, and to do that, we need boots. They keep our feet warm, they're comfortable, and they provide support when we want to trollop through the leaves.

I always make sure I have a good pair of boots around for adventures such as these. Here are some of the tried and true styles that work for style, comfort, and use in all outdoor exploring weather.

Lower shot of a woman's walking a track wearing flower printed boots

Dr Martens
Dr Martens are well-made of real leather, and the stitching is a signature trait. They come in all colours and a few different lengths. Not only are they built to last, but they look stylish with just about anything.

You can wear them with your jeans while hiking, but you can also pair them with shorts for casual weekend wear or a skirt for work. Top them off with some fluffy, over-the-boot socks, and you're as trendy as you'll ever be.

Windsor Smith
The contemporary label is an everyday essential. It has a genuine leather upper and several styles of elasticised gussets on the side for added comfort. These aren't as heavy duty as the Dr Martens, but they are oh-so-cute.

A low heel makes them much more practical than something high, but still gives you a bit more support than something entirely flat.  They slip on, so they're perfect for keeping by the door for a quick jaunt outside.

Classic and rugged, Timberland produces premium boots with great traction. They are workhorses offering urban fashion and comfort technology. The rubber outsole offers flexibility and support, while staying fashionable.

The hardware is rustproof, so you can wear them in all weather. They're also insulated to keep you warm and dry. They were originally designed for industrial work site, but now you can enjoy those features in all of your adventures. 

Blundstone boots are unique because they're unisex. You and your hubby can match, if that's your thing. They are made from genuine leather with elastic gussets for comfort, but they also feature shock absorption technology.

They have a rustic look that's in style right now but built for the outdoors. The square toe gives your feet room to breather and is especially good for wide feet. The branded pull tabs make them easy to pull on and off.

Alias Mae
These boots mean business. They are made of genuine leather, just like the Dr Martens, but the padded collar makes them comfortable, even with low profile socks. They offer a distinct, chunky style that's unique and stylish.

No matter what style you prefer, these boots are perfect for dressing up or dressing down. You can wear them almost anywhere, and they are essential for everyone's closet.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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  1. You just reminded me that I desperately need some new walking boots, haha! Thank you for the recommendations! :)