Hand print hedgehog

As our hedgehog friends prepare to snuggle down for the winter and the weather takes a turn, here's a craft that can be done with our prickly friends in mind and in the warmth of inside. 

Here's how to make a hand print hedgehog!

You will need 

  • A piece of paper
  • A bowl
  • Paint brush
  • Black or brown felt tip pen or crayon
  • Brown paint or the colours to make brown (I used orange and blue)

Important!!! If your little ones are messy painters remember to protect your table/work surface/carpet/clothes/cat etc!! Keep a bowl of water or wet wipes nearby to clean up your little crafter.

Using the pen draw the face for the hedgehog. Start with the outline to the face. If you struggle, think of it as a sharks fin on its side.

Add a nose, eye and mouth.

Next pour some of the paint into the bowl. If you need to make brown add the colours you are using and mix thoroughly using the paint brush.

Paint on to your little ones hand. 

Place onto the paper so the palm of your hand is the hedgehogs body and your fingers are its spines.


Do the finger prints a couple of times to give the hedgehog plenty of spikes. Try not to repeat the palm body print too often as the paint will soak through the paper.

Draw on the legs and leave to dry.

There you have your hand print hedgehog!


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