Tuesday 15 February 2022

How To Raise A Respectful Child

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No parent wants to raise a disrespectful child, who is rude to people or disregards the rule, but respect is something that our youngsters have to learn, not something that they are born with. With this in mind, you may be wondering what you can do as a mum or dad to help your child understand how to behave appropriate, and how to treat others. 

Here are some tips from a prep school in Hertfordshire.

Baby's hand holding an adult hand

Thursday 10 February 2022

How To Boost Your Child’s Creativity

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Make believe play, doodles and storytelling are more than just a bit of fun for children, they are creative activities that can have lasting benefits on their development and even their health. There are lots of reasons why creativity is important; it can improve cognitive abilities and improve mood. With that said, you may be wondering how you can boost your child’s creativity. 

Here are some tips from an alternative school in London.

Child's hands using paint and crayons to decorate rocks

Tuesday 8 February 2022

Helping Your Child Develop their Fine Motor Skills

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A lot of our daily tasks require us to control the small muscles in our hands and wrists, such as holding cutlery, writing a letter, or doing up the buttons on our coat. We call these controlled movements our fine motor skills. Of course, our new-born babies do not yet have the skills, and they must be developed and practiced over time.

Close up of a highchair tray, covered in spagetti with a childs hand and spoon in shot

Monday 31 January 2022

Important Skills To Teach Your Kids

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As a parent, you are always going to question what you do. It is within every parent’s nature. You want the best for your child. Initially, it starts off with questioning how well they are developing and helping them develop their vocabulary or fine motor skills.

Then as they start getting older, you start asking yourself how self-sufficient your child is. How well will they cope on their own? Do you have the required life skills that will be needed to face the challenges that lie ahead?

Child paddling in the sea

Thursday 27 January 2022

4 Ways To Keep Up With What's Happening Near You

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There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to stay up-to-date with the latest local news and events. Whether you're a busy professional or a stay-at-home mom, it's important to have access to the most recent information in your community. In this blog post, we will discuss four ways that you can stay up-to-date with local news and events, and also avoid fake news!

Typewriter with a piece of paper with NEWS written across it

Tuesday 25 January 2022

Switzerland: Travelling To The Land Of Green Meadows, Lakes & The Alps

Switzerland is a beautiful country in Central Europe, built essentially in the Alps. Green meadows, countless lakes and snow-capped peaks give it a unique form, which has been identified around the world as a sign of peace and prosperity. The Swiss are still famous for their watches, knives, and chocolates. They are also famous for their ski resorts and chalets, which are the meeting place of the international jet set and their picturesque cities, most of which are built on the shores of a lake.