Tuesday 15 February 2022

How To Raise A Respectful Child

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No parent wants to raise a disrespectful child, who is rude to people or disregards the rule, but respect is something that our youngsters have to learn, not something that they are born with. With this in mind, you may be wondering what you can do as a mum or dad to help your child understand how to behave appropriate, and how to treat others. 

Here are some tips from a prep school in Hertfordshire.

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Go Beyond Manners

Teaching your child to say please and thank you is important, but that’s only part of being respectful. Respecting someone means valuing their beliefs, regarding their feelings and appreciating what they have to offer.

Focus On Mutual Respect

If you want your child to treat others with respect, they should also be treated as such. Be sure to value their thoughts and opinions and speak politely to them. You can’t expect them to respect people’s difference if you try and force them to do what you want. For example, if they want to wear something that you think is a little odd, don’t hold them back. If you shout at them all the time, you can’t be shocked if they shout at you. Essentially, the idea is to show them the correct way to treat people.

Explore Gratitude

Help your child understand what other people do for them each and every day by encouraging them to explore gratitude. Each day, ask them for some examples of things they appreciate that day, like their dad giving them a lift to school, their mum helping them with their homework, or their sister sharing their sweets. 

If your child learns to look at the positive ways in which people treat them, they will be more likely to treat people in the same way, so as to return the favour so to speak. Exploring gratitude will also help them understand how fortunate they are, which will allow them to empathise with people who might not have the same circumstances. 

This should help cultivate kindness and compassion to others, which is an important element of respect.

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