Sunday 27 February 2022

How To Plan A Kid's Birthday Party That They'll Love

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When it comes to kids' birthday parties, there are a lot of different opinions on how to go about it. Some parents like to keep it small and straightforward, while others go all out with games, prizes, and themed decorations. No matter which route you choose, there are some basics that all parents need to know when planning a birthday party for their child.

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Use Party Planners

Sometimes, you want someone else to take over all of the planning and entertainment for you. This is where birthday party planners can come in handy. Companies such as All Fun Parties will plan and host the party for you, meaning all you need to do is turn up. Many different companies can work with you to provide a theme based on your child's interests and personality, and they do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Choose Your Location

The location is key to an epic birthday party. After all, you want it talked about for all the right reasons! Involve your child in the discussions and determine what type of place they want to hold their party. It might be that a local venue where they can all run around crazy will work best for you, or you need a place with more activities to keep everyone occupied. But talking through your options with your child can help them feel part of the process and help you pinpoint the ideal venue.

Choose A Theme

We all know kids change their minds and their interests constantly. But pinning down a theme is vital to help you create the perfect atmosphere. It doesn't even need to be expensive, especially if their favourite show or character changes each week! Pick a colour, animal, interest such as football, or even pattern like rainbows or polka dots, then work this into all of your decorations, plates, party bags and more.

Determine The Guest List

Ideally, this needs to be done first. A guest list can dictate the type or size of venue you require, along with the cost. You will know what you can and can't afford once your guest list is in place. Alternatively, your child can narrow down who they want to attend if you are short on space or numbers if you have a set budget. Give people time to RSVP so you can be sure of attendance and plan accordingly.


The timing of your party can determine the food type and quantity needed. Younger children tend to be pickier, so having finger food, they can pick at will likely work well. Holding your party mid-afternoon means you might be able to provide less food as children will likely have eaten before and will again once they leave at their regular meal times.

Hosting parties later in the evening or around meal times might mean you need to have more substantial offerings or more significant quantities available for kids to eat, especially if you are hosting a party somewhere they will likely work up an appetite.

Now, you're party ready what are your plans??

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