Thursday 10 February 2022

How To Boost Your Child’s Creativity

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Make believe play, doodles and storytelling are more than just a bit of fun for children, they are creative activities that can have lasting benefits on their development and even their health. There are lots of reasons why creativity is important; it can improve cognitive abilities and improve mood. With that said, you may be wondering how you can boost your child’s creativity. 

Here are some tips from an alternative school in London.

Child's hands using paint and crayons to decorate rocks

Look for Alternative/Creative Solutions to Problems

Help your child avoid that feeling of discouragement that often accompanies a mistake. Mistakes often lead to creative solutions, so they should be something that we embrace. So, if your child is struggling to succeed at something, try and help them look at it from a new perspective or come up with a creative way to overcome the challenge. For example, if they can’t seem to master their times tables, you could sing them to make them more memorable.

Ask Lots of Questions

By asking your child open-ended questions, you will encourage them to think creatively. Ask them “what if” questions so that they imagine different scenarios and come up with unique answers.

Spend Time Outdoors

The great outdoors is great for mental health and can also boost creativity. This is because it is an inspiring environment; the opportunities for fun, learning, and experimentation are endless. Build a den in the woods together or perhaps go camping if the weather permits. Head to the coast and search for fossils or climb trees in the garden. The trick is to find ways to stimulate their curiosity and allow them to engage their imaginations.

Encourage Unstructured Play

Sticking to a strict schedule allows little time for experimentation and creative thinking. So, try and give your child some time each day to play freely, without judgement. Provide them with lots of dressing up clothes and props so that they can play make believe, and lots of coloured pens and crafting materials so that they can explore art.

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