Thursday 13 January 2022

Helping Your Child Develop Their Vocabulary

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Vocabulary will be the way your child works on their speech, how to construct sentences and how to build on their English Language skills. It’s also an essential way of allowing children to pick up new phrases, support others and develop their communication skills. So how can we help our children with their vocab? Here are some top tips from a private nursery in London.

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Show Interest And Delight In Finding New Words

The cornerstone of any child development is the excitement and wonder of finding something new. Even new words can be interesting, so show your child the joy of learning a new word and put it into practice. Make sure they don’t feel afraid to try something different and that it’s okay to discover new things on the go.


Most children will develop their natural bank of vocabulary through reading books. As they come across a new word, ask your child to say it and then go through what that word means together. This will happen quite often when reading together and heading to more advanced reading material.

Have Two-Way Conversations

A chat with your child should never be where you talk to your child continuously; let your child have their own input in what you’re discussing to help them build their confidence. There’s also more of an opportunity for them to use the new words they’ve been learning.

Set Realistic Goals

Giving your child a huge list of words they’ve got to learn in a week will not help them progress. Instead, you should work with them on producing manageable goals that help them discover new words in a manageable way. This ensures they’re not overwhelmed when it comes to homework or other school tasks.

Teach vocabulary to your child regularly and they’ll soon have a range of new words to say with friends, family and in standard conversations, while boosting their communication skills!

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