Tuesday 4 January 2022

How To Raise A Resilient Child

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When it comes to preparing children for the world that’s ready to be explored, they need to have a general understanding of what could come their way and how to react when problems occur. This is known as resilience training - showing children how to tackle difficult situations and face adversity that happens in front of them.

From a young age the concept is going to be alien to them, but even when your child’s a toddler they’re able to understand the importance of resilience through play, having fun with friends and when they get to nursery and starting school. Here are some tips to build resilience in your child from this prep school in East Sussex.

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Play Problem Solving Games

Solving problems is part of a child understanding how to handle difficult situations in real time. Problem solving games can be as simple as having board games out to play, role playing with your child’s friends or siblings and posing easy questions your child can understand. They’ll soon get into the habit of using their head to figure out problems on their own.

Help Your Child Know To Support Others

Cheering runners on at a local race; holding a donation bucket at a fayre or helping out at a care home - all are examples of ways children are expressing their support for others. These train children in the art of resilience way before they could be tested in real life, as they’re exploring causes of struggle, how problems occur and what they can realistically do to help.

Give Your Child Manageable Goals

Having a set of clear but reachable goals helps a child in working towards success and overcoming fears. These should be goals relevant to your child’s development, such as homework from school broken down into chunks or demonstrating a small act of kindness at home. Get them thinking outside the box when it comes to reaching these goals. 

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