Thursday 6 January 2022

The Importance Of Pastoral Care In Schools

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Pastoral care is a feature seen more in private schools, colleges and academies, but it’s also a hugely beneficial system employed in schools to ensure the protection and safety of pupils. In layman’s terms, pastoral care ensures the health and wellbeing of students in school and how they can be supported through their academic pursuits.

This private school in Middlesex has put together some reasons why pastoral care is hugely important for schools to provide for its students.

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Improves A Child’s Social Skills

Getting support from teachers directly gives children a safe space to voice any concerns, ask for guidance on their homework or school work assignments and also to work with teachers on any areas that they’ve noticed they struggle in. It should be a neutral ground for children to talk and gain insight from their teachers who always want the best from their students.

It Teaches Children About Life Skills

Pastoral care is translated into lessons that are taught in school - this is usually in the form of PSHE lessons. These lessons are given to children to give them the opportunity to express themselves, improve their general wellbeing and know what to look out for if they feel in distress. Arming them with these tools also helps children identify areas that they may need support in from parents and teachers.

Allows Children To Feel Safe In Their Environment

A happy child in school is one that feels safe in their surroundings, doesn’t feel overwhelmed and knows where to go for support and direction. Pastoral care is there to show children that their school and its teachers will be there for them in any capacity they can provide support in.

It’s about a child’s connection to how they learn, appreciate life and in turn building their confidence and self esteem through regular lessons, training and problem solving activities. Children are much more likely to be able to cope and manage their resilience, as well as have a more positive outlook about their future.

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