Monday 31 January 2022

Important Skills To Teach Your Kids

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As a parent, you are always going to question what you do. It is within every parent’s nature. You want the best for your child. Initially, it starts off with questioning how well they are developing and helping them develop their vocabulary or fine motor skills.

Then as they start getting older, you start asking yourself how self-sufficient your child is. How well will they cope on their own? Do you have the required life skills that will be needed to face the challenges that lie ahead?

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As a parent, you want to teach and instill certain characteristics or skills in your children to help them succeed as adults. But, the reality is that you need to teach them confidence and independence. These are the core pillars that leadership, innovation, determination and a whole host of other skills are built around. They need to learn how to function on their own without you and gain the confidence within themselves to overcome any hurdles that the future may send their way.

Children need to learn more than just what is taught at school. Fundamentally, there are other skills that are called upon daily. In order for children to be equipped for their future, they need to learn through their home experiences.

Taking Control Of Their Own Time Management

How often do you find yourself running up and down the stairs trying to wake the kids, get them ready and give them breakfast? The thought of giving them control over their own time can seem daunting to parents alike. But, it is a skill they need to learn. Instead of waking them up daily, give them an alarm clock or set an alarm on their phone and give them the responsibility for getting themselves ready.

Let them take charge of their own homework and meeting deadlines. If they want to meet their friends or play computer games, they need to plan their time to ensure their studies are completed.

Things Don’t Always Come Easy

If you want something you have to work for it. It is no different for children.

How often have you seen or heard of children giving up or wanting to give up on a task or activity because it was hard? Life can be hard. It is important to take the time to understand what they don’t like and work with them to find a solution around it. For example, it could be that their confidence is still low in regard to their swim lessons. This might not be a class that you want them to stop, so it is important to teach them how their determination and practice will make it easier.

You need to lead by example. If they see you giving up and quitting easily they will assume they can too. If they see you persevering, they will learn that it is okay if it isn’t easy, but with hard work and ongoing determination, they too will be able to succeed. Then with each success, their confidence and independence will grow.

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