Tuesday 30 November 2021

Monday 29 November 2021

Understanding Your Child's Curriculum

(Collaborative Post)

Your child will be learning a wide variety of different subjects - from English Language to the importance of Science, the world of Arts and much more, depending on their own personal choices later on down the line. Understanding your child’s curriculum however should be an essential part of your child’s learning journey in order for you to understand how you can help your child with their progress.

Monopoly numbers that read, I am still learning

Sunday 28 November 2021

Exploring Internet Safety with Your Child

(Collaborative Post)

Being safe on the internet is an essential practice for adults and children, but for children it’s a little more of a push that you can give your child towards understanding how to use the internet happily and safely. Here are some top tips, from this girls senior school in Surrey, you can give your child to make sure they’re safe when they’re browsing online.

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Snowy's Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway!! Nerf Bunkr!!

It's Christmassssss!!! And I'm trying to spread a little Christmas cheer so for each item I review I'm trying to combine it with a giveaway!! 

One giveaway has already taken place over on my Instagram and now it's time for another here on my blog. To tie-in with my review of the Nerf Bunkr set you can win your own!  

Enter below to win a Nerf Bunkr Toxic Barrel and a Nerf Bunker Toxic Crate!

Framed flatlay showing a box of Nerf inflatable barrels and crates

Thursday 25 November 2021

Snowy's Christmas Gift Guide 2021 - A Gift For Active Kits


We've had a gift for babies and one for a family, and now it's time for a great gift for active kids. Snowy's Christmas Gift Guide brings you Nerf Bunkr!!

Flatlay picture showing the Nerf box with ribbon and Christmas tags around