Monday, 22 November 2021

The Benefits of School Uniform for Children

(Collaborative Post)

School uniforms are used at the vast majority of schools across the UK for a number of reasons, of which it brings a lot of benefits to both parents and students. Here in this guide from one of the top boarding schools we look at the key benefits of school uniforms and how it helps children.

Close up of a blue school uniform showing a prefect badge

Sunday, 21 November 2021

Helping Your Child Become More Independent

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Independence is something that your child will become more attuned to as they develop. In their teens, children will be required to do a lot more things for themselves, as will be a true test of their skills. In this guide from this private school in Somerset we’ll take a look at the ways you can help your child with their independence and level of responsibilities.

Small child walking with a backpack on

Snowy's Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway!! Pug Pup Prints!!

This year I'm spreading as much Christmas cheer as possible by running as many giveaways as possible! 

There's already been one on my Instagram and now it's time for one here on my blog. Following the review of our awesome print from Pug Pup Prints it's now your chance to win one for yourself!

Thursday, 18 November 2021

Snowy's Christmas Gift Guide 2021 - A Perfect Personalised Family Gift


It's time for another gift idea with Snowy's Christmas Gift Guide. Our next gift is perfect for the special families in your life and it comes in the form of a fantastic personalised print from Pug Pup Prints!!!

Framed personalised print of a cartoon family as superheros with the family names against them

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Thursday, 11 November 2021

Snowy's Christmas Gift Guide 2021 - Traditional Gifts For Babies


After a little break last year.................Snowy's Christmas Gift Guide is back!!!!!!!!!!

I first started the Christmas gift guide back in 2019, with the hope of sharing unique and thoughtful gift ideas. There were lots of different things, with gifts for babies, families, couples, food lovers, the list goes on. 

Then last year happened and, 2020, well, it was bit weird wasn't it. It felt strange and out of place to share gifts, when we didn't know when or if we would see family, or if we could afford Christmas.

Hopefully, Christmas 2021 will go ahead and we will be able to spend time together with our families without worry, masks, or if you were like us social distanced on driveways! 

So, let's get things started with gifts for the littlest ones in our lives!! Babies!!! Oh, how I miss the baby days!!! Especially the quieter toys!! It seems so long ago now!! 

This year's gift for babies are brought to us by Jaques of London

Boxed toys tied with ribbon