Thursday 11 November 2021

Snowy's Christmas Gift Guide 2021 - Traditional Gifts For Babies


After a little break last year.................Snowy's Christmas Gift Guide is back!!!!!!!!!!

I first started the Christmas gift guide back in 2019, with the hope of sharing unique and thoughtful gift ideas. There were lots of different things, with gifts for babies, families, couples, food lovers, the list goes on. 

Then last year happened and, 2020, well, it was bit weird wasn't it. It felt strange and out of place to share gifts, when we didn't know when or if we would see family, or if we could afford Christmas.

Hopefully, Christmas 2021 will go ahead and we will be able to spend time together with our families without worry, masks, or if you were like us social distanced on driveways! 

So, let's get things started with gifts for the littlest ones in our lives!! Babies!!! Oh, how I miss the baby days!!! Especially the quieter toys!! It seems so long ago now!! 

This year's gift for babies are brought to us by Jaques of London

Boxed toys tied with ribbon

Established in 1795, Jaques of London have been inventing and creating games for hundred's of years. Their years of experience show in the quality and traditional style of their toy making. There's a huge variety of toys and games to choose from. Their range is grouped into sections and you can pick from play, learn, explore, create and pretend. The site is super easy to navigate, which makes it easy for those that aren't that tech savvy. 

Each toy is individually packaged and wrapped by one of the team. The boxes are nicely styled and finished with ribbon, meaning you could just pop the gift into a bag and save on wrapping which is ideal for Christmas.

Jaques of London gifted both the Shape Sorter and the Shape Stacker for review. You can see more of the latter on my Instagram account. 

Now, when it comes to wooden style toys, I'm always a little concerned about things like sharp edges and roughness but with the high quality that Jaques brings you really don't have to.

Shape sorter and shapes with Christmas ribbon and tags around it

The sorting shapes are also well finished and brightly painted. I love that each shape also has the name of it written on, meaning little ones can use the shapes for learning later on too. 

Multi coloured shapes with the names written on them

Playing with Shape Sorters is a great way for children to practice their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, as well as problem solving. It can also help grow their vocabulary as they learn the shapes and colours. 

Shape sorter and shapes

I personally think that the classic style also adds to niceness of the gift and think both the Shape Sorter and Stacker would possibly look nice out on a shelf or on top of the toy box, which you might not want to do with the plastic style ones. 

Shape sorter with the shapes next to it. Christmas ribbon and tags surround it

Would you like to purchase from Jaques of London this Christmas? You can receive 15% off
here. For the chance to win a Shape Stacker head over to my Instagram

Shape stacker toy

Pop back soon to see our next gift!

Mummy Snowy Owl


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