Thursday 25 November 2021

Snowy's Christmas Gift Guide 2021 - A Gift For Active Kits


We've had a gift for babies and one for a family, and now it's time for a great gift for active kids. Snowy's Christmas Gift Guide brings you Nerf Bunkr!!

Flatlay picture showing the Nerf box with ribbon and Christmas tags around

Perfect for Nerf fans old and new, Nerf Bunkr inflatable obstacles are perfect for taking your battles to the next level. 

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they are great for stakeouts, battles and tournaments. They are easy to inflate and easily fold back away for storage. 

Boy holding a Nerf gun as he stands behind inflatable obstacles

We were sent the Nerk Bunkr Battle Zone Competition Pack, which feautres barrels and a good stakeout post. The inflatables are great for hiding behind for cover and protection. They are also great for storing bullets, making them a great cover and reload spot!! 

Little boy crouched behind an inflatable crate with a sniper Nerf gun

There are a range of different sets available, including
Battle Stackers, crates and barrels.

We set ours up in the garden on a snowy Sunday and got battle ready!! Our son loved them, and honestly so did we!! We love a Nerf battle both inside and outside and the Nerf Bunkr range is perfect for this!!

Boy behind inflatable barrels with a Nerf gun

So, if you're looking for a gift for active kids and those that love Nerf, the Bunkr sets are the way to go!

Boy crouching behind an inflatable crate

Nerf Bunkr is available from toy stores, including Argos here. Pop back in a few days for a Nerf Bunkr giveaway!

Mummy Snowy Owl


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