Monday 29 November 2021

Understanding Your Child's Curriculum

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Your child will be learning a wide variety of different subjects - from English Language to the importance of Science, the world of Arts and much more, depending on their own personal choices later on down the line. Understanding your child’s curriculum however should be an essential part of your child’s learning journey in order for you to understand how you can help your child with their progress.

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In this guide from a prep school in Herts, we take a look at how you can better understand your child’s curriculum across the year.

Key areas of learning

Your child will be learning in set key stages, which are spread across your child’s development and well into secondary school. Within these key stages your child will be learning about a lot of different things, split into these key areas:

● Literacy and numeracy

● The arts

● Understanding the world

● Physical Education

● Life skills and personal development

These all can entwine and be used to benefit children in a number of ways, as well as helping children discover their passions and interests.

Additional skills

Aside from the essentials, children will be taught about life skills and development to help them with future studies, daily tasks and in future careers. Subjects like ICT and giving students work experience help with this and give them the tools to be able to work independently and complete tasks on their own initiative.

When your child enters the GCSE stage, they’ll be learning about a lot more in their chosen subjects and can choose to drop subjects they don’t like. This will then let them focus on the subjects only they are interested in and what they want to excel in as they reach their A Levels.

Your child will then be able to decide if they want to study A Levels, go to college, enter an apprenticeship or go straight into employment. These should all be made available to your child so that they feel less pressure when it comes to exam woes and study time.

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