Sunday 28 November 2021

Exploring Internet Safety with Your Child

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Being safe on the internet is an essential practice for adults and children, but for children it’s a little more of a push that you can give your child towards understanding how to use the internet happily and safely. Here are some top tips, from this girls senior school in Surrey, you can give your child to make sure they’re safe when they’re browsing online.

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Firstly, ensure child protection is in place

All internet providers offer child safety protection to ensure children are not browsing on websites they shouldn’t be accessing and reduces the risk of children being caught out by criminals. This also gives you a layer of reassurance that your child can only access the sites they need and you don’t need to be continually looking over their shoulder.

Guide your child through threats they should look out for

The easiest way to educate your child is through letting them spot the threats as they browse. For the most part, the sites your child will want to access will be secure, and will be required to be secure for safe browsing. It doesn’t mean your child won’t be at risk though, so you should make every effort to guide them through the risks and where they can be caught out.

Consider others ways children can browse the internet

It’s not a simple case of letting your child use the computer or laptop anymore. Now that tablets, smartphones and games consoles rely on the use of wifi you’ll find there are more ways children can get caught out online. Video games for instance can tempt children into buying loot boxes easily if your credit card is connected to the account. Ensure you have safe parameters in place on every device they use, and shadow them from time to time to make sure they’re browsing safely and securely.

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