Monday 12 July 2021

UK Staycation & Day Out Locations For 2021!!

Can we go abroad? Can we not? Do we need a vaccine passport? Shall we just stay home??

Many of us are staying in the UK for summer 2021 and it's a great way to support not just the UK economy but also UK tourism. It also means a little less disappointment if the holiday gets cancelled or you have to return home because of restrictions. No panic flight booking or queuing in airports for us staycationers!!

Not sure of where to go? Looking for some recommendations?

I asked my fellow bloggers where they would recommend when staycationing for 2021. 

Imaging showing a little boy looking out into the peak district hills

Here's what they had to say!!

Friday 25 June 2021

A Very Cool Giveaway With Cool Pots

It's time for another great giveaway!! 

Recently, I was lucky enough to be gifted a personalised plant pot from Cool Pots. You can read my full review here

A small grey plant pot personalised with a child's smiley face

Wednesday 23 June 2021

5 Things To Do With Old Toys

Toys. Toys. Toys. And a few more toys. That's what piles into your home when you have a child. Soft toys. Wooden toys. Plastic Toys. Toys bigger than your baby. Toys that are noisy and need batteries. Toys that hurt when the little apple of your eye throws them at your head!!

These things start to pile up. Birthdays and Christmas come and bring more, as do grandparents and anyone else that likes to treat your little ones. 

But what can you do with them when it's time for a clear out? Time to put the baby toys away? Switching Duplo for Lego? Not sure what to do with the old toys?

Here's 5 things to do with old toys...........

Selection of toys laid out including cars, Paw Patrol figures and duplo

Thursday 17 June 2021

A Cool Pot By Cool Pots


I love cute homewares. I especially love it if you can add to the cuteness by personalising and making it cuter, especially if it's with my little boy's smiley face!!

Combing the two led me to collaborating with Cool Pots!!

A small grey plant pot with small pictures of a child's smiley face

Monday 14 June 2021

What I'm Most Looking Forward To As We Follow The Lockdown Roadmap

(Sponsored Post)

Lockdown is easing. 

We can hug again. Pubs and restuarants have reopened. Salons are back open and we can have our hair done and be waxed in random places. 

The road, aka the road map out of lockdown, is bringing us closer to freedom day! With this in mind Revolution Four have asked me to share what I'm most looking forward to as lockdown eases and we shimmy our way towards a life with less restrictions. So, here's 5 things I'm most looking forward to as the roadmap out of lockdown continues.

Face mask and bottle of hand sanitizer on a wooden table