Thursday 23 September 2021

What You Need To Know Before Booking A Disneyland Paris Holiday!!

So, you've decided to go to Disneyland Paris!!! Maybe it's your first visit. Maybe you've not been for a while and you're looking for a few tips.

Well, between myself and some fellow bloggers we've got a few tips and a bit on info on what you need to know before booking a trip to Disneyland Paris!!

Mickey Mouse figure stood next to the Effiel Tower

Tip 1 - Budget Is Everything!!
Budgeting for a Disneyland Paris holiday isn't just about pricing up your travel, accommodation and park tickets!! You'll also need to budget for your days in the parks. This should include meals, snacks, drinks and souvenirs. For some first time visitors the cost of things might be a little surprising. So, here's my tips on How To Budget For A Day At The Disney Parks. If you're budget is super tight our friends over at Nyxies Nook suggests taking your own lunch, which we've also done before. It's a great idea if you dislike queuing or waiting for food too!

Tip 2 - You Need To Pick The Hotel That Suits Your Family Best
Plenty of people will have hotel suggestions for you but what you want from you accommodation might not be the same as others. Take a look at this post by The Life Of Spicers on Best Disneyland Paris Hotels - Which Should You Stay In? It'll definitely help you pick what's best for you!

Tip 3 - Having A Plan Is Important
Having a idea of what you want to do each day is vital when planning your trip to Disneyland Paris. It's an even better idea to have a proper itinerary in place. This way you can make sure you get everything done that you want and don't miss meeting your favorite characters, discovering your favourite rides and enjoying Disney restaurants. Here's some tips on How To Spend Your Time At Disneyland Paris from Passports and Adventures.  

Tip 4 - Be Prepared For The Weather
We have visited Disneyland Paris in mild but sometimes rainy May, a snowy December (it was magical) and a spring like January. The French weather can be a bit like it is here in the UK!! Raining and cold one minute and glorious sunshine the next. Like us, Motherhood: The Real Deal agrees about being prepared for the weather and mentions it in her must read post Disneyland Paris Holiday: The Ultimate Guide

Tip 5 - Special Events And Seasons Bring Extra Magic
We've visited just before Christmas and experienced Disney's Enchanted Christmas, as well as Star Wars : Season of the Force in January. Both made a big difference to our trip. Christmas was amazing but it was super busy. Going off peak in January also gave lower crowds but the buzz of Season of the Force. We'd also like to try Halloween and the Marvel event. Big Family Adventures recommends experiencing Halloween with Why Disneyland Paris' Halloween Event Must Not Be Missed

Tip 6 - Taking Younger Kids Is A Whole Different Experience!!
I've been to Disneyland Paris with teenagers, toddlers and those somewhere in-between and it's a different experience every-time. Taking very little ones is different and surprising all at once. They'll amaze you with how long they can keep going for, will want you to buy everything and then fall asleep at the most random moments!! With experience in taking little ones firsthand you'll need to read my posts Doing Disney With A Toddler In Tow and 5 Things You Need To Know Before Going To Disney With Under 5's.

So, now you've got the facts, when are you booking your trip to Disneyland Paris?

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