Thursday 16 September 2021

The Silence Of Back To School

Do you hear that? No? Nope? Not a peep? That's because those little people in your house have gone back to school!!!!

Chalkboard with back to school written on it

There's no little voice asking for a snack. No random questions about Minecraft. No Barbies or princesses with knotted hair. 

Doing the weekly shop is peaceful again. You can clean and the house will be clean for at least an hour. You can drink a cuppa whilst it's still warm, not have to share your cake and watch sweary TV, ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!

But you might miss the noise. The little person keeping you company. The snack eater. The questioner. 

And that's OK too. I miss the singing in the car. The counting of dogs and random games of eye spy when we're on a car journey.

It's OK to be glad the kids are back at school. It's OK to miss them too. It's OK to feel both ways on different days and somewhere in-between on others.

It's OK to like the silence of back to school but it's OK to like a little noise too.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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