Tuesday 7 September 2021

A Very Snowy Christmas, 20 Weeks To A Very Organised Christmas! Week 5!


Welcome to A Very Snowy Christmas, 20 Weeks To A Very Organised Christmas! It's week 5!!

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So, last week along with the gift buying and decluttering, I mentioned clearing out the freezer and this was because we're going to start talking about food!!

Christmas can be expensive. Let's be honest IT IS EXPENSIVE!! A big part of that is the food. Whether you're feeding just your immediate family or a bunch of extra relatives and friends, the cost can add up. A good way to avoid a big hit to your December income is to spread the cost. The shops have started to have Christmas things in, so it's time to make a start.

This week
  • Make a list of all the food you are going to want. Include everything from mince pies to roast parsnips, turkey to tubs of chocolate. Maybe even make a loose meal plan so you know what you may want.
  • Highlight those that can be frozen or stored away.
  • Review the list every week from now until Christmas and add one item to your weekly shop each time.
Now, if you're usually the crafty type or would like to be crafty this year, now is the time to start ordering your supplies and making a start. If you're going to be crafting, this week you will need to..........
  • Order your crafty supplies. If you want to get crafty with the kids I highly recommend Baker Ross.
  • Make a start on your crafting! If you're making gifts or cards make sure to keep a note of them on your lists!

Pop back next week for week 6!!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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