Thursday 30 September 2021

Gifts That Show A Little Love!!

When choosing gifts, it’s important to make sure that the intention behind the gift is crystal clear. Some gifts are designed to help people have fun, to fulfill their wants, or to celebrate them as a person. There are gifts that are designed to communicate nothing but love too, to nurture and pay homage to a strong bond. If you’re looking to express nothing but love, here are a few gift ideas that do just that.

String lights shaped into a heart and placed in the sand

A Reminder Of Why You Love Them

Not all of the gifts featured here are going to cost a lot. In fact, there are some that you can make for free relatively easy if you have time, a mason jar, and a pen. Love notes in a jar, each of them written with unique decorations of why you love someone, can be incredibly heartwarming and something that your loved one can come back to time and time again. It might be worth spending just a little on things like a nice ribbon, some fancy card, to up the presentation.

Dedication In A Ring

When we think of romantic rings, we might think of wedding or engagement rings. However, if you already have those or perhaps you’re not in that stage of your relationship but you still want to declare your love, there are a few traditional options to do just that and few better than the Claddagh ring. This traditional Celtic ring represents love, loyalty, and friendship, and can even be worn in specific ways to communicate that the wearer is in a relationship, which is a little affirmation of love in and of itself, especially if you wear a matching pair.

Know When You're Thinking Of One Another

If you want to keep within the realm of wearable gifts there is one that has gotten a little more popular as of late. These Bond Touch bracelets are simple waterproof bracelets that can are worn on the wrists, with one for each member of the couple. No matter where you are in the world, if you touch your bracelet, then your significant other’s bracelet will light up and vibrate. So long as it’s connected to a smartphone that is connected to the internet, it maintains that connection.

A Celebration Of The Relationship

If you have been with your loved one for quite some time, there is no doubt going to be a history that might be documented in photos, in letters, in documents and more that can all tell the story of the relationship. What better way to celebrate that story than to make it physical with things like a love storybook. These books can be customised in a variety of ways, and there are even those that are entirely blank to start with, so you can fill in with anything that you want.

Whether it’s for Christmas, Valentine’s day, an anniversary, or simply because you want to surprise your beloved, the gifts above can make sure that your intentions are more than clear.

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