Tuesday 27 October 2020

Capturing Your Special Day With Wedding Photo Swap

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Weddings. Remember those? 

Time with family. Fun with friends. Watching those you care about declare their love and commitment to each other. Celebrating with fizz, food and a good boogie. Lots of my happiest memories stem from weddings of family and friends. 

Going from my childhood and skidding across the dance floor and dirtying my bright white socks, much to the disgust of my mother, to my teen years as a bridesmaid, slipping out of sight for a sneaky drink, then up to my own wedding and those of friends, where my shoes are nowhere to be seen and stomach hurts from laughter and too much fun!!

Close up of hands holding an iphone and taking a photo of a bride and her bridesmaids

Whether it be by memory or photos, weddings are a great thing to look back on, especially during recent times, where nothing is 'normal' and times together feel so very far away in the future or a distant memory. Over the last few months I've pulled out our wedding photos and relived our special day from 2007 and I know some of our friends have also looked back at their own wedding photos too. 

Back then the best way to capture your wedding was with a professional photographer, with candid photos being taken with disposal cameras. Although 2007 doesn't seem so long ago, when it comes down to things like social media, camera phones and photo sharing it really is!

Now days, professional photography isn't always a necessity to capture the best moments of your special day.  Wedding photo sharing is a great way to for family, friends and wedding guests to share great moments from your wedding. 

Whether it be kids busting a move on the dance floor, cherished moments of your ceremony, cutting of the wedding cake, your first dance or simply special or even candid and funny moments of your wedding, photos taken by friends are sometimes the best ones. Some of my favourite images from our wedding are those quick snapshots. Family and friends dancing together, laughing at jokes, kids covered in cake and my then 2 year old niece walking around with a balloon attached to her bridesmaid address so we could spot her at all times, are those that always spark a happy memory. Those photos are the ones snapped by our guests. 

Trying to get everyone to share the photos they've taken can take a little bit of negotiating or arranging though, Lots of people pick hashtags for their guests to share their photos, but this can be a bit problematic if people forget to use the hashtag or mistype it and it means your images are out in the public domain when you may not want them to be, especially if your friends have wide open social media accounts!!

Using a simple app like Wedding Photo Swap means your guests can pool their photos together. Accounts are easy to create and your page can be personalised. Guests can be invited to share their images by email prior to your wedding or by a simple card added to your wedding invites or placed on the table on the big day. The feed refreshes as your guests add photos so you can always sneak a peak during the day and experience it via your guest's eyes. You could also ask a member of the bridal party, maybe a bestman or bridesmaid, to monitor the feed and prompt guests to share their photos. 

A basic account with Wedding Photo Swap is completely free with the Platinum package offering unlimited photos and 2 years hosting for a one of £24.99, which is definitely cheaper than a fancy photographer! Once you've enjoyed your day simply download your images and compile your memories how you want to. 

Most of all though, enjoy your special day and the memories that are made. Treasure every moment.

Mummy Snowy Owl


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