Monday, 25 January 2021

Oh Hello 2021!!

We're over half way though January and I'm only just writing a New Years post! This basically sums up how I've been since around this time last year. Unmotivated and a bit behind with everything! A bit lost and not really knowing what I'm doing from one moment to the next.

I need to get back to being more organised, more motivated but with a world that's strange, surreal and not all that happy and friendly right now, it's a bit hard to do. But, I'm going to try my best to get back on track. 

With so many people feeling the same I thought I'd share how I'm going to try and stay on track in 2021 and I've picked the brains of other bloggers to see how they're doing the same.

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For me, it's about lists, diaries and dates. I'm a big list maker, to the point of it being excessive, but it's also something I've done less of over the last year. So, it's back to a good list and keeping track of what's happening in our lives, on a weekly and daily basis. It'll mostly be homeschooling and Zoom call scheduling but at least we'll know what's happening and when.

Tahnee at Thanee's Blog is letting positive energy guide her through 2021 and her latest post is full of ways to stay positive. including an ace playlist to keep you going and how to use a gratitude journal to note the positive moments in your life. 

Deb at Get Virtual Assistance is another fan of keeping things on track for 2021 and suggests 3 Things You Can Do To Make Life Easier In 2021, including unsubscribing from emails you don't need. This is definitely something I need to do. Say goodbye 3000 emails in my inbox! 

Over at Uplifting and Inspiring Content, Yvette, recommends Believing In Yourself in her latest post. There's also a great post on Training The Mind To See Good In Every Situation, which is something I definitely need to do. 

Jen at Just Average Jen, offers some great printables if your motivation is weight-loss related. You can grab them here

At Stapo's Thrifty Life Hacks, Claire has a great bunch of posts about happiness and being happy. I personally like How To Find Monthly Goal Ideas That Work For You

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A big issue for me when it comes to getting stuff done and being motivated is sometimes I just can't be arsed! That's why this post,
15 Motivational Tips For When You Can't Be Bothered by Little Blog Of Positivity is perfect for when you need a bit of a push.  

Nikki at Best Things To Do In York, is another person who loves a to do list but recommends looking back over the week to see your achievements. This is something I don't usually do and I'm the first to beat myself up for not getting to the end of the list and feel downhearted as a result but taking stock of the achievements would definitely be a better approach.

Zi at Goals 'n' Plans is a big believer in Visioning The Future. There's great tips on how to work on your future, including imagining your future self and working on all aspects of it. 

Over at The Good Thing Is Though, Sarah is full of positivity and optimism and her post, The Girl Who Said Yes, is about grabbing opportunities when they popup, which is something I definitely need to do as sometimes I'm too quick to say no. 

At Thrifty Londer, Laura believes in setting achievable goals throughout the year, be it monthly, weekly or daily, and notes that it's important to keep track of your achievements to help reflect and stay motivated. 

With all these ideas we are super motivated for 2021!! Stay positive. Practice positivity. Make lists and reflect on what you've achieved. 

Make 2021 yours!!

Mummy Snowy Owl


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