Saturday 17 October 2020

Preparing Your Family For A Photoshoot

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Family photoshoots can be a lot of fun. It is an opportunity to capture the dynamics and love in a family and spend some time with the ones you love. It can also be stressful, especially if you have children. The pressure to get good pictures to share and display can dampen the mood of the photoshoot. If you prepare beforehand, you can mitigate some of the stress and enjoy this time with your family.

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Prepare The Kids

It is important to get your kids excited about the shoot and let them know beforehand that it is coming. How you prepare your kids will depend on their ages, but you should tailor the preparation to meet their needs. 

For younger kids, it may be important to talk about exactly what will happen and what they will need to do. You can even practice some poses to get them excited about doing them later. You may also want to do a practice shoot with them where you tell them to move certain ways or stand in a certain location while you take pictures of them. Practicing smiling can also be helpful for young children. 

You may also want to have an incentive following the photoshoot to give everyone an end goal to work towards. Planning a treat for after the shoot can help people stay happy during the entire thing. Whatever you do, you want to make the shoot something fun to look forward to, so don’t make it seem stressful. 

Plan The Wardrobe

You should also make a plan when it comes to what everyone is going to wear. Before the shoot, make sure everything is clean and accounted for. It could be a good idea to pull those outfits out of rotation and put them in your own closet a while before the shoot to make sure there are no problems on the big day. 

If you are having your makeup or hair professionally done for the shoot, make sure you leave plenty of time. You want to ensure that it is not rushed and you still have travel time to make it to your shoot. You don’t want to show up to the shoot feeling rushed and stressed because that will show through in the pictures. 

Along with the wardrobe, you also need to think about your accessories. Hair accessories, jewelry, shoes, belts, watches, and even eyeglasses should all be coordinated. If you get new glasses before the shoot, be sure that you are happy with them. You may want to order several different pairs from to try out different frames before choosing the best one. 


It is important to talk to your photographer to make sure you are on the same page. You don’t want to be disappointed because you are expecting one thing and your photographer thought you wanted a different thing. 

Open communication about the location, the types of poses you want to see, the combinations of people in pictures you want to include, and the general feel you want to see the pictures. Making sure that you talk about your expectations will ensure you are happy with the results.

A little planning could get you the perfect shots!

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