Thursday 9 April 2020

Dancing It Up With 44 Cats!!!

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We love a bit of a boogie in our house. Getting ready in the mornings, cooking dinner or just a dance round the kitchen, you will often find one of us playing music!! We all have a massively varied taste, as individuals and as a family.

But this can be a little bit of an issue! With massively varied playlists you have to be considerate of having a child in the house and make sure you pick the kid friendly tracks. Being home more over the last few weeks we've definitely being playing more music and we've found that sometimes our playlist, even the kids friendly ones can go off and start playing our favourite songs, which aren't always suitable for little ears. Especially when you really listen to the lyrics!!! 

So, we're filling our playlists with more kid friendly music!!

44 Cats posing with there instruments

Regular readers will know that we've previously reviewed the series 44 Cats and the accompanying toys!! Well, the team behind the animated series have now released a super kids friendly soundtrack!! 

Full of the 44 Cat band, The Buffycats, it offers 21 tracks to add to your kid friendly playlist. Released by Sony Music's children's entertainment label, Magic Star. If your little ones already watch the show they'll be familiar with the 44 Cats anthem and songs like The Stinky Cat. It's available on all streaming platforms and it's already caused a dancing session in our house! 

To find out where you can stream the 44 Cats tunes have a look here and add those kid friendly tracks to your playlist!!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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