Friday 10 April 2020

Battle Fun With Bakugan!


Our son JJ has been a big fan of Bakugan since he first started watching the TV show on Netflix last year. The anime series centres around a group of biomechanical creatures called Bakugans and their human friends and battle brawlers.

As with all successful TV shows, toys are sure to follow!! A few months ago JJ saved up his money to buy a Bakugan and he's been desperate to get more ever since! So, when Spin Master gave us the chance to try more of the range we were super excited!!!

Picture of the Bakugan transforming toy and the cards that come with it

We were gifted a great set of Bakugan toys, including the Bakugan Starter Set, Core, Ultra and limited edition Bakugans and the fantastic Battle Arena!!

Bakugan figures in a presentation box with cards

Each character comes with an ability and fact card, as well as a magnetic battle BakuCores. The Bakugans can be paid with like mini transforming toys but the best way is to battle them in the arena!! Turning from BakuBalls to Bakugan! 

A single Bakugan ball along with the cards

The boxed battled arena

To play and battle fully, simply select three Bakugans per player, and place the fact card in the slot at the edge of the arena, at the side of the matching Bakugan in ball form. Place the small BakuCore discs that match the character in the centre of the arena. You can place them where you like, just ensure one edge is touching another BakuCore. To start the brawl, both players roll your Bakugans into the arena and try and land it on one of the BakuCores. 

The arena set up with the Bakugans and cards

If only one Bakugans opens that player wins the brawl, and if neither open you roll again. If both open it's time to brawl with your Bakugans!! Check the B Power on the accompanying card and add or take off the B Power Boost score from your captured BakeCore. The player with the highest score wins the round! 

The Bakugans battling on the arena

The winner returns their Bakugan to the side where it remains open. The loser puts theirs back in BakuBall form. The first player to get all the Bakugans open wins the game. 

We've had lots of run battling with the Bakugans in the arena and JJ has spent ages just playing with the figures themselves. As a grownup what I also love about the whole Bakugan range is that you can also get a Baku-storage case, which with our now growing collection we will definitely be purchasing!!

The Bakugans and cards laid out

Want to check out the range? Get ready to brawl here.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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