Wednesday 18 September 2019

Zuru Smashers Dino Eggs With Smyths Toys

[Gifted for review]

I don't know about your kids but our son, JJ, loves pretty much anything dinosaur related! So he was super exited when he first tried the Zuru Smashers range last year.

When we heard about the new dinosaur themed range the excitement reached fever pitch! As our box of gifted Dino Smashers arrived there were squeaks of joy and JJ was excited to get smashing!

Flatlay showing egg shaped toys, one large and a selection of boxed smaller ones

We obviously had to start with the big egg!

Flatlay showing large egg toy

JJ got stuck in and with over 25 surprises inside we were keen to see the contents of the giant egg! Inside we found a pouch of goodies that was quickly ripped open.

Overhead shot of a little boy looking at the egg toys

Little boy opening the egg toy

Little boy opening the egg toy

Pouch taken from inside the egg

The contents of the pouch

Inside there were a selection of the smaller eggs, along with a smashing tool, an egg holder, Dino Dirt, Fossil Rock, Ice Age Putty, Fizzy Lava and Glowing Slime.

The contents of the pouch laid out

Each of the latter bring a further activity and JJ and Daddy spent a good couple of hours digging and making discoveries! First, they had a dig in the Dino Dirt and found some dino bones!!

Back of dino dirt being opened

Mini dino bones from the dino dirt

Next, they pulled apart Ice Age Putty.

Bag of slimy putty being opened

Then, they dug up some fossils from Fossil Rock.

Fossils being smashed

Fossils and bones smashed out the rocks

They got slimy with Glowing Slime.

Glowing slime in an opened bag

Slime being pulled apart

Next, they fizzed up the Fizzy Lava.

Fizzy lava being dissolved with water like a bath bomb

Fizzy lava dissolving

Each of the little tasks gave bones or fossils as the result. JJ really enjoyed this and said it was like doing 'lots of science experiments'!!!

Different dino bones laid out

The bones they discovered made this great dino!!

The dino made with the bones

After a lot of playing with the big dino, the giant egg and the little Zuru Dino Smasher characters, it was was time to smash the last of the little eggs.

Packets of the mini eggs laid out

Mini fossil and dino laid out in a child's hands

JJ was really lucky and even got a couple of rare ones, which he was very excited about!

Little dinos and creatures from the eggs laid out

As JJ has only had one or two of the smaller eggs in the past, I wondered how much play he would get out of the big egg and bundle of smaller ones. A week on and he's still playing with the eggs and their contents everyday! He's even asked 'can we do some more experiments like what came in the egg?', and we'll definitely be buying more of the Dino Smashers range. 

For more of the range head over to Smyths Toys here. 

I've also teamed up with Zuru and Smyths to give away a £25 gift voucher to spend in store. You can enter on my Facebook page! Find it here.

Mummy Snowy Owl


  1. This looks like great fun for the dinosaur loving child, all of mine would have loved this when they were little

  2. Great fun and always fascinating how dinosaurs never lose their appeal to children and adults alike.

  3. This looks like serious, hours long entertainment! All little boys love dinos - and some girls (mine) too!