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Set in Troutbeck Valley, in the Lake District, Townend, offers an insight into the farming life of the Brownes family.

Exterior of an old farmhouse

An ageing farmhouse with a huge amount of character, Townend is a National Trust property set on the side of a hill with incredible views. Inside you'll find a roaring fire everyday, typical of farming life of yesteryear. There's a unique collection of kitchen utensils, which seem to catch a lot of attention from visitors.

Farmhouse kitchen and fire

Kitchen table with bakes on laid out

Dining table set for dinner with pies and bread laid out

Around the house you'll find carved wooden furniture and a collection of rare books, with forty-five of them being the last remaining copies in the world. 

Farmhouse bedroom

Dad kneeling down to a little boy looking at a guide booklet

As with many National Trust properties the gardens are a credit to the staff and volunteers. Your visit inside may be short but you can whittle away the time taking in the gardens bird spotting with a pair of borrowed binoculars or simply take in the remarkable view.

Little boy on a garden path looking through a pair of binoculars

Little boy looking through binoculars across a garden

Father and son sitting side by side on a wooden bench in front of a wall of flowers

As always, I like to share the tips and need to know info.......
  • The car park has extremely limited parking, so get there before opening if you can't or don't want to walk from further away.
  • Townend isn't a full day visit so try and team it with a walk round a nearby town or another Trust site, which there's lots of in the Lake District. 
  • There are steps and slopes around the site so check the website for accessibility information.
  • There's a spotting trail for the kids. Ask a volunteer for the booklet.
  • You'll find an binoculars, bird spotting sheet and garden scavenger hunts in one of the outbuildings , as well as wooden toy farmhouse identical to Townend for little ones to play with!
  • This is a picnic spot close to the car park that offers great views, so it's a great place to have your lunch and enjoy the scenary.
  • Townend isn't open everyday of the week so make sure you check your National Trust handbook or the website before you plan your trip.
Hand holding a National Trust spotting sheet

Little boy playing with a wooden farmhouse and farm animals

Have you got a National Trust visit planned?

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