Friday 27 September 2019

A Sustainable Change - EcoPanda Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

Gifted for review

I love trying products and sharing my reviews with you, and as I talk more about sustainability and making simple changes, I'll be looking more at eco-friendly products and alternatives.

I'm starting by making a change from the usual cotton pads to these EcoPanda Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads.

Flatlay showing a cardboard box with the Bamboo logo and panda printed on the front and the caddy

First, what cost does using cotton pads have on the environment?

Well, there's the obvious plastic bag they come in, but then there's the impact of cotton production on the environment. Chemicals are used to clean, wash and produce the cotton pads and they can end up in our water systems. 

Cotton pads aren't recyclable but can be biodegradable if they're 100% cotton or 110% wool and I know the cheap ones I pick up certainly aren't!  This is where a sustainable change can be made by trying reusable, biodegradable and washable pads. So, when EcoPanda offered me the chance of trying their bamboo remover pads I jumped at the chance of giving them a try.

Flatlay showing the box, caddy, laundry bag and pads

Delivered via Amazon, the EcoPanda Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads arrived in a handy laundry bag and a smart bamboo storage caddy. Made from 100% organic bamboo cotton, the pads are suitable for all skin types, which is ideal for me as my skin type seems to differ on a day to day basis!

Flatlay showing the box, caddy, laundry bag and pads

Before using the pads I wasn't sure how effective they would be with being fabric and I wondered if my cleansing water would just soak straight in. When I set about taking off the thick makeup of the day though, I was suitably impressed. I actually managed to get every single piece of makeup off in a couple of wipes, including my usually hard to remove mascara! 

Hand holding up a used makeup pad

The dirt and water also stayed on the used side and didn't soak through, so I was able to use the other side for my toner, instead of using another pad. My skin felt so clean, almost like I've had a facial, and the next morning my skin looked fresher than normal. The used pad is now in the wash basket ready to be cleaned and used again, which is much better than in the bin and the landfill! 

These EcoPanda Makeup Remover Pads are definitely a sustainable change I'm going to make and keep to. 

Do you fancy trying the EcoPanda pad? With their current pricing under £20, the pads will pay for themselves within the first year. Have a look here and check back to the blog as I'll soon be sharing a little giveaway for your own set of pads!

Mummy Snowy Owl


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