Wednesday 25 September 2019

5 Tips For Managing Building Work With Kids Around!

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Upgrading and renovating your house can take a lot of organisation at the best of times, but throw in kids, school runs and the mess and it can be even harder!

When we had work done last year, I was working a 9-5 and had our son to take back and forth to nursery, so I know too well how difficult it can be to balance things!

So, here's 5 tips for managing building work with kids around!

A drill, nails screws and other DIY items laid out

Decide what you want doing and when.
Early on make a list of of what work you want doing, when you want it to start and also the time frame for completion. When searching for your tradesman or tradeswoman be clear from the start what hours you are in and out of the house. When you can let them in and when you'd like them to be done. This is especially important if you want them to arrive before or after the school run and be gone by the time the kids are home. You won't want builders getting under your feet when you're trying to rush out the door or prepare the kids tea, and they want to be waiting around either.

Pick your tradesman wisely!
When choosing someone to complete your work, it's a good idea to get at least three quotes from different companies or trades people. Recommendations are always a good start, as are websites like, where you can list your job and receive quotes. Be clear with them from the start of what you want doing and, as mentioned before, confirm working hours.

Manage the mess!
The simplest of jobs seem to create rubbish and dust. When it comes to the rubbish confirm with the trades people who will be clearing it away and if you need to arrange a skip. Some trades people will happily clear the rubbish away for an additional charge but some will leave it up to the home owner. For the dusty mess it's a good idea to shut off the rooms not having work done, especially bedrooms. Be prepared to dust and vacuum every night to keep the dust under control. A damp duster or cloth can also help make the clean up quicker and easier. Covering furniture is also a good idea.

Have a space for play and quiet time.
During the work we had done last year there were one or two days that the mess seemed to be out of control. We had numerous workmen inside and outside the house, going from room to room, job to job. All our son wanted to do was watch his favourite TV programme, but wet plaster in our living room but a stop to that. So I made him a tray of snacks and we camped out in our bedroom with the door closed, cuddled under the duvet and enjoying our treats. He was happy and I felt more relaxed as I knew he had an area that was clean and safe for him to be in.

Be ready to escape!
There maybe days when the work, mess, paint smell and chaos get a little much, and instead of stressing out and being grumpy have a change of scenery! Have dinner out or take shelter at family and friends. Have a cuppa, eat cake and take some deep breaths! It will all be finished eventually.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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