Sunday 30 December 2018

What To Do With Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Christmas has gone and we've rolled into a brand new year. Maybe you're back at work, maybe you've taken your tree down or maybe your still plodding along in a festive bubble! Either way it's time to start getting things back to normal.

Put away decorations, eat the last of the chocolates and tidy away presents, but what if you've got some unwanted gifts? Items that aren't to your taste, are the wrong size or something you have already?

Christmas gifts wrapped with white and gold paper and ribbons

Here's five things to do with unwanted Christmas gifts!


Not everyone is a fan of regifting but if you have a gift you can't use and know someone else would like it why not regift it? I've regifted a scarf that I couldn't wear as the wool bothered my skin, toiletries I couldn't use due to allergies and an alcohol set my husband didn't want. All the recipients loved their presents and had no idea they were regifts. Just make sure you don't gift them to the person that gave them to you!


Got a gift that someone might want to buy? Try selling sites like eBay or Shpock. Got a book, DVD or a piece of tech? Try somewhere like musicMagpie. For gift cards try Cardyard or Zeek. You won't get the full value of the items but you could get near to it.


There are so many places you can donate gifts! Charity shops might be the first that come to mind but there's lots of other places too. Your local women's refuge will accept toiletries and possibly clothes and gift cards. Your local forces charities may take items for men.  School or their fundraising committees will often take donations for raffles or school fates. If you don't have kids or they aren't at school yet ask a friend that has or drop the school office an email.


Telling a friend or relative that you want to exchange or return their gift could leave you feeling uncomfortable but if the item doesn't fit or its something you already have it's nothing to feel bad about. You'll need the receipt or at least a gift receipt to return the item and if the gift giver used their debit or credit card to pay you'll probably get the refund in the form of a gift card and not cash, but either way you'll be able to pick something else.


Gift swapping parties or events are becoming more and more popular. One of our kid friendly pubs held one on Boxing Day and a local community centre also has one coming up this weekend. I've personally never been to one but it might be worth a look round if you'd like to swap your gift for something else.

Having a gift you don't want or can't use doesn't mean you're ungrateful, it just means it's not for you but hopefully with one of these ideas you can exchange it for something that is or make someone else happy with it.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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