Monday, 10 December 2018

Christmas Gift Guide - Dressing Up Outfit

Item gifted for review purposes.

After a few days off the gift guide is back!

This gift is for the kids that love fancy dress, creative play and most of all dinosaurs!!

Dinosaur outfit laid out among wrapping paper and ribbon

Created by the Natural History Museum this Stegosaurus outfit is ideal for those that love dinosaurs!

Little boy dressed up as a dinosaur

Available for a range of sizes the costumes are soft to touch, easy for little ones to get on and off and washable.  

Side view of little boy dressed up as a dinosaur

The Stegosaurus outfit we were gifted had a hood, which acted as the head for the suit.

Little boy dressed as a dinosaur showing the hood

It also has a wonderful tail that is ideal for swishing around!

Back of the costume showing the long day

There's also fabric claws on the feet and arms. 

Little boy dressed as a dinosaur showing the claws on the sleeve and growling

Our little Stegosaurus has had lots of fun in this awesome costume and it's refreshed our creative play.

Little boy roaring dressed as a dinosaur

We now play find the dinosaur and there's often a fierce battle between Joseph and his dinosaur toys!

Available from Amazon here (currently £24.95) this dressing up outfit is an ideal Christmas gift!

Mummy Snowy Owl

Item gifted
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