Thursday 20 December 2018

Keep Calm! It's Christmas!

Christmas is less than a week away. The shops are busier and the queues longer. 

Cosy setting with a santa mug on a pile of books on a tray, and a pair of legs stretched out in the background

The hustle and bustle will gradually get more manic and people will queue outside shops well before they are due to open. We have to have a certain cranberry sauce or stuffing even if it means going to three different supermarkets! We all go a little bit crazy!

Over the last few weeks I've witnessed the crazy fraught moments of us all increase. People rushing, erratic driving and then there's the hooting! People using their car horns to hurry others along. 

As I left our local retail park earlier in the week I realised I'd forgotten something and drove back in. There was a parking space free, which I patiently waited for as another driver straightened up in a space across from it. Then the papping, hooting, whatever you call it, started. The person behind was too impatient to wait. The same person did the same again as we queued to leave, among a line of thirty plus cars!!

It annoyed me at the time, to the point I nearly got out of the car to say something, and then I realised I was as bad them. Pressing your car horn in a queue of traffic won't make people go quicker.

Driving to various shops in frustration will only stress you out more.

Did I really need to go back into the retail park to buy Bucks Fizz and Percy Pigs? 

Probably not.

Do we all need to take a step back, keep calm and enjoy Christmas?!


Mummy Snowy Owl

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