Sunday 21 February 2021

Getting Creative With Clay Creators


Do your little ones love to get creative with clay? Do they love to keep their creations? Do you want to get creative with the kids but don't know what to buy and want the ease of ordering everything from one place online?

Then you need to take a look at the amazing Clay Creators!!

Flat lay picture showing a clay creators set

Clay Creators offer easy to order kits for use at both home and an educational setting. Each kit contains tubs of clay, tools and a creators card. Some sets also come with a set of scales, which is great for older children. 

One thing I dislike as a crafty parent is having to order supplies from a variety of different places but with their easy to order kits, Clay Creators have you covered. You can order clay refills meaning you don't have to order a full kit each time. Different colours can also be mixed together, meaning there's no limit to your creativity. 

Giraffe made out of clay, with tools and pots of clay in the background

Giraffe made of clay

Another issue with clay is you often have to glaze or bake it, but again Clay Creators have you covered. Their clay air-dries. No fussing or watching it in the oven. 

We received our kit during the first lockdown and as I've off blogging for a while, it's taken me a while to write about it but it doesn't make me recommend it any less. Our 6 year old son loves being creative and making and has loved using the Clay Creators kit! He even got Daddy involved.

Panda made out of clay, with the pots of clay used placed nearby

Panda made out of clay

So, whether you're kids love being creative, you want to up your homeschooling game or you simply want some peace and quiet, head over to Clay Creators and order your kit today.

Their site is full of resources, videos and ideas if you get stuck or feel your lacking in creativity. Plus, when we aren't having our lives turned upside down by pandemics, they also do kids parties! How cool is that!?

For more info on Clay Creators visit here

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