Sunday 14 February 2021

5 Things To Do As A Family When Lockdown Is Over

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Lockdown. A word that this time last year we hadn't heard. We had just started hearing about a virus and were unaware as to how serious it would be. 

With the UK currently in lockdown for the third time in a year, thoughts of what we can do in the future are rife for many of us. As more time passes the chances of us doing much at all are becoming less and less likely. It's annoying, disheartening and massively frustrating, but that doesn't mean that we can't at least make plans. Plans to see people. Plans for holidays. For adventures and happy times. Even if they are incredibly loose, likely to be cancelled plans!

Here's 5 Things To Do As A Family When Lockdown Is Over.........

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1. Get The Family Together

Birthday's with cards pushed through doorways and presents left on doorsteps. Christmas gifts exchanged on driveways, whilst wearing masks and social distancing. Calling in on each other for a cuppa and a catch up is all but a distance memory. Getting our family together wasn't always an easy feat, with everyone working, having children and their own lives. But a couple of times of year we try to all be in the same place, mostly for a Christmas get together and for my son's birthday. It's been a struggle for some of us, mostly my parents, who had to shield during the first lockdown. Not being all that tech savvy has meant no FaceTime or Skype catch ups for Granny, so once we are allowed to be near each other, mix and socialise, I'm hoping to get the family together for a well needed cuppa, cake and catch up.

2. Paddle In The Sea

There's nothing quiet like the sand between your toes and salty water washing over your feet. Once a year we try and get to the coast. Usually Lincolnshire and one of it's seaside towns, full of arcades, chips and candyfloss. We always have a wander on the beach and a paddle in the sea. It's the UK, so the sea is usually bloody freezing but it's worth it never the less. A paddle in the sea, the fresh air and the squeals as we run away from the waves make for happy memories and we hope to make more once lockdown is over.

3. Go Out For Dinner

Shall we go out for tea? Fancy Sunday lunch at the pub? These words would be said at least once a month in our house and I miss our random trips for a bite to eat, especially when we have friends tagging along. So, once we can freely meet with friends and go out for meals, we'll be enjoying time together visiting restaurants near me. Whether its an independent small business or one of our favourite chain restaurants, we're looking forward to getting together with friends over a good meal.

4. A Family Holiday

Usually, once the weather warms and the days are longer and brighter, our weekends and a couple of weeks over the school summer holidays are spent in our caravan. It's old, it's a bit tatty but it's been a great investment and we've had lots of family adventures, towing our caravan and pitching up for a few days. Whether it be the Lake District, Derbyshire or Skegness, a family holiday in our little caravan really blows the cobwebs away and resets us.

5. Say Yes

Have you looked back over the last year and thought about all the things that you've missed or wanted to do but couldn't? Have you thought about all that you've done the year before? I have and I've also thought about all the times I've said no to things. Often the no was a valid reason, lack of money, things to do at home, but now I wonder how important where those 'things to do'? Do I remember them now? No. Would I remember the times I said no to had I said yes. The memories made? More than likely. So I'm planning to say yes a little more, especially when it comes to our son. Does he randomly want to go to Ikea for tea? Yes, then lets go. Does he want to see Granny for an hour? Lets go little dude. Want to jump in the car and drive 50 miles to see friends? Grab your coat babe.

There's a lot to look forward to once lockdown is over and COVID is under control. It doesn't have to be expensive or fancy or even take a huge amount of effort. There's lots of things to do as a family once lockdown is over.

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