Friday 19 February 2021

Tidy Home - Keeping Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh

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One of the biggest problems that most householders face is having a bathroom that smells bad somehow. The odours might be wastewater or mould related, or the problem could even be down to leaking taps and pipes rotting the floorboards.

Your bathroom is a small and enclosed space, and so it makes sense to keep on top of its maintenance to avoid any future problems. But, if you do have unwholesome odours coming from your bathroom, here’s how you can tackle the source of each problem.

Tidy Home - Keeping Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh

Arguably the leading problem with most people’s bathrooms is mould. The thing about mould is that it can quickly spread to other areas and even different rooms once it appears. That’s why it’s crucial to sort out any mould issues as promptly as possible.

You can use many things to combat mould, such as applying bleach or mould removal spray to surfaces. In worst-case scenarios, you may need to hire a mold removal company to treat mould spores professionally and safely.

Do you find that your bathroom window, walls and surfaces get covered in beads of water even if you’ve only spent a few minutes under the shower? If so, you need to look at ways of treating condensation.

First of all, condensation can lead to mould spores growing on some surfaces. Secondly, condensation could end up dripping down or on surfaces. Thankfully, there are several ways you can treat condensation problems in your bathroom. You should get an extractor fan fitted to your bathroom if you don’t already have one. Extractor fans, when installed correctly, do a great job of extracting hot air from your bathroom. Another top tip is to open your bathroom window slightly while you have a bath or shower, and then open it fully once you’ve finished. Getting fresh air circulating in your bathroom will help disperse the warm air.

You can also buy products that passively remove moisture from the air, such as the Unibond Aero 360 Moisture Absorber.

Clean Your Bathroom Regularly
As you can imagine, your bathroom will soon get dirty and covered in a layer of grime on some surfaces. With that in mind, you should have a regular bathroom cleaning regime. Doing so means mould is less likely to grow on surfaces like walls and ceilings. Plus, each cleaning session won’t take long to complete if you do it regularly. Be sure to use products that tackle limescale, dirt, and surface mould. Your bathroom won’t just look clean; it’ll smell fresh and sanitised as well.

Also, consider using a product on your bathroom mirror that prevents it from misting up whenever you have a bath or shower. That’s because your mirror is also another surface where condensation can occur.

It doesn’t take much to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean and preventing it from having dirt, limescale, and other debris covering various surfaces. Hopefully, you’ve found these tips and tricks useful for your bathroom!

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